1999 European Junior Championships

Supplied by Heiner Köberich.

Yulia Shilskaja (BLR) benching a European Junior Record 117.5kg in the Women's 60kg class.
Amit Sehlberg (SWE) benching 162.5kg in the Men's 60kg class.
Roman Schabanov (RUS) squatting 265kg in the Men's 75kg class.
Nikolaj Suslov (RUS) squatting 355kg in the Men's 100kg class.

1998 Men's European Championships

Supplied by Heiner Köberich.

Andrzei Stanaszek (POL) attempting a World Record 178kg bench in the 52kg class.
Kader Baali (FRA) deadlifting 280kg in the 75kg class.
Sergey Mor (RUS) benching a European Record 217.5kg in the 82.5kg class.
Olexiy Soloviov (UKR) attempting a Junior World Record 245kg bench in the 100kg class.
Sam Watt (GBR) attempting a 350kg squat in the 110kg class.
Viktor Naleikin (UKR) deadlifting 365kg in the 125+kg class.

1997 Women's European Championships

Supplied by Heiner Köberich.

Vuokko Viitasaari (FIN) attempting a 165.5kg deadlift in the 48kg class.
Medal Ceremony for the 52kg class.
Valentin Nelubova (RUS) attempting a 122.5kg bench in the 56kg class.
Ingeborg Marx (LUX) squatting 202.5kg in the 60kg class.
Natal Rumyantseva (RUS) benching 140.0kg in the 82.5kg class.

1997 European Bench Press Championships

Supplied by Heiner Köberich.

Anna Olsson (SWE) benching 105kg in the Women's 52kg class.
Lyuba Belova (BEL) benching 120kg in the Women's 56kg class.
Tomi Heinonen (FIN) benching 200kg in the Men's 75kg class.
Jerzy Furmanek (POL) benching 235kg in the Men's 100kg class.
Kenneth Mattson (SWE) benching 232.5kg in the Men's 100kg class.
Michael Schetter (GER) attempting 272.5kg in the Men's 125+kg class.

1997 EPF Women's EU Cup

Supplied by Heiner Köberich.

Angela Seesuran (GBR) squatting 122.5kg at 48kg.
Angela Seesuran (GBR) deadlifting 140kg at 48kg.
Helen Whittington (GBR) attempting a 150kg squat at 52kg.
Brigitte Wampach (LUX) squatting 162.5kg at 90kg.

1997 IPF Women's World Championships

Supplied by Heiner Köberich.

Oxana Belova (RUS) squatting 178.5kg at 52kg.
Carrie Boudreau (USA) benching 115.5kg at 56kg.
Ingeborg Marx (BEL) benching 107.5kg at 60kg.
Lisa Sjöstrand (SWE) deadlifting 235kg at 67.5kg.
Anne Stikelstad (NOR) squatting 245kg at 75kg.
Hanna Divisova (CZE) squatting 190kg at 75kg.
Katrina Robertson (AUS) deadlifting 250kg at 90+kg.

1997 EPF Junior European Championships

Supplied by Heiner Köberich.

Elena Petrunina (RUS) squatting 175kg at 56kg.
Victoria Sherban (UKR) deadlifting 197.5kg at 60kg.
Anja Wiezkowiak (GER) deadlifting 185.0kg at 75kg.
Alexei Sidorov (RUS) benching 152.5kg at 60kg.
Marek Radola (POL) squatting 300kg at 82.5kg.
Roman Ukraintsev (RUS) attempting a 400kg squat at 125+kg.

1997 EPF Men's European Championships

Supplied by Heiner Köberich.

John Clay (GBR) failing a 205kg squat at 52kg.
Christitian Klein (GER) benching 137.5kg at 52kg.
Roy Brandzeg (NOR) squatting 232.5kg at 56kg.
Konstantin Pavlov (RUS) squatting 232.5kg at 56kg.
Gerard Tromp (NTH) squatting 242.5kg at 60kg.
Rod Hypolite (GBR) benching 165kg at 67.5kg.
Sirajoutdi Bazaev (UKR) squatting 300kg at 75kg.
Vasiliy Kurtiak (UKR) deadlifting 320kg at 82.5kg.
Dave Carter (GBR) attempting a 317.5kg deadlift at 82.5kg.
Erik Stiklestad (NOR) squatting 340kg at 90kg.
Sam Watt (GBR) squatting 357.5kg at 100kg.
Carl Christoffersen (NOR) deadlifting 320kg at 100kg.
Alexey Soloviov (UKR) attempting a 245kg bench at 100kg.
Andy Rodney (GBR) attempting a 355kg squat at 110kg.
Clive Henry (GBR) squatting 375kg at 110kg.

1997 FIBO Fitness Fair

Supplied by Heiner Köberich.

Germany's two man deadlift team.
Russia's two man deadlift team.

1997 German Bundesliga Finals

Supplied by Heiner Köberich.

Frank Schramm squatting 345kg at 100kg.
Andrzei Stanaszek attempting a 270kg squat at 52kg.
Eberhard Schwanke benching 252.5kg at 125+kg.

1996 IPF Men's World Bench Press Championships

Supplied by Heiner Köberich.

Lutz Gayek (GER) benching 220kg at 82.5kg.
Yuri Khuazhev (RUS) benching 232.5kg at 110kg.
Leonard McCormick (USA) attempting 225kg at 82.5kg.
James Henderson (USA) attempting 320kg at 125+kg.

1996 IPF Men's World Championships

Supplied by Dennis Unitt, editor of International Powerlifter Magazine.

Wade Hooper squatting 277.5kg at 67.5kg.
Dan Austin squatting 310kg at 75kg.
Janne Toivanen preparing to deadlift 365kg at 100kg.
Ed Coan deadlifting 367.5kg at 110kg.
Kirk Karwoski squatting 417.5kg at 125kg.

1995 IPF Men's World Championships

Stanaszek squatting 250kg.
Inaba squatting 220kg.
Elyn deadlifting 265kg.
Markhamsquatting 287.5kg.
Virtanen squatting 315kg.
Bell deadlifting 315kg.
Toivanen deadlifting 335kg.
Coan squatting 410kg.
Coan benching 252.5kg.
Coan deadlifting 350kg.
Karwoski squatting 440kg.
Sandstrom squatting 372.5kg.
Hamman squatting 442.5kg.
Team Canada.

1995 IPF Men's Junior World Championships

Sivokon benching 200kg.
Sivokon deadlifting 285kg.

1984 IPF Men's World Championships

Moran squatting 410kg.

Thanks to Mike Armstrong, Ray Hope, Gary Polson and Jarkko Kemppi for providing these pictures. Further images can be found at the Strength Tech page, Jarkko Kemppi' s page, and the University of Queensland page.

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